Barnes Bowling History
Established in 1725, Barnes Bowling Club continue to play with just two woods, whereas the modern game is played using a set of four 'Henselite' bowls. The Club has 80 members and its season runs from May to September each year, with competitions throughout the season; in recent years competitions have become increasingly popular as members battle for the coveted trophies boasting the names of many club celebrities.  The Bowling Green is sited in a walled garden behind the Sun Inn adjacent to Barnes Pond. Our game is played on an undulating green full of natural bumps and slopes, unlike today's modern game which is played on either a 'flat green' or 'crown green'. The Club supports the local community, local events and Barnes Fair Day, the Club also has its own ‘International Day’ where guests are welcome to join members is what is traditionally a great day out for all. Pictures from recent International Days can be reached from the main menu. Bowled Over - The Definitive Story of Bowls A recent book written by Hugh Hornby includes a two-page case study on Barnes Bowling Club. The only surviving pub green in the whole of London, and the oldest overall in the capital, the BBC has a unique place in the story of bowls and one of the most important sites of Britain’s sporting heritage. Local Bowling Club Evenings Every Wednesday, weather permitting, between 5.00pm and 8.00pm, (May to September), the Club welcomes guests who wish to try their hand at Elizabethan bowls. Join us on the day, or register your interest with the Club Secretary through our contacts page. To learn more about this interesting pastime you can visit Wikipedia and see how the game has evolved over the years. You can read about the history of this ‘Elizabethan’ type of bowls by downloading a copy of the BBC History.  Searching the internet for ‘Elizabethan Bowls’ also draws many references to the game as played in ‘Shakespearean’ times.
Slightly faded today, members pose for the annual Barnes Bowling Club picture in 1910.
100 years after this photo was taken, Bowling Club members gathered on the closing day of 2010 for a similar photograph.
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